Goli Gabbay

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015 goli gabbay | yoga | mindfulness | optimal mind-body health


“I am so blessed to have met you. Having suffered from panic attacks my entire life, I had never found anything that truly helped me control them. Medication was a disaster for me and ultimately proved to be hurting my life rather than helping me. When I met you, I was in an acute state of panic attacks and suffered from depression because of it. I had never tried yoga therapy but was willing to try anything. In our first few sessions I could feel a transformation in my mood and started to believe that your work might help. To make a long story short, it worked a miracle!

My life has totally changed and I have been free of panic attacks since our last session-over 10 years ago! You have taught me tools to use and fall back on when I need them. It is more than possible to achieve a life free of panic attacks without using medication–in fact, I believe that your yoga therapy has been THE ONLY thing that has truly ever worked and has continued to work long term. My life is incredible now. I’m married to the love of my life and we just had our first baby, and I believe it has a lot to do with our work together.”
- Kate (age 32)

“After just one session with Goli, I have had the first good day in a long time. My stress was taking over my body and manifesting into physical ailments. Today my headache is at ease, my mind is peaceful, my thoughts are clear. I feel strong, physically and mentally. I am balanced. I am joyful. I am having fun! And it is because of Goli. Thank you for your healing and let’s continue this journey toward optimal health.”

“Goli is a vibrant, compassionate and skilled yoga teacher who emanates a zest for life. Her passion, skills and optimism enables her to motivate even the deeply traumatized and often hopeless clients who come for treatment at our facility. She draws from a wide variety of yoga techniques to create highly effective programs for our clients and constructs classes that are suitable for all levels of students. Over the years, I have seen countless clients transform their lives under Goli’s guidance and encouragement. Goli’s Yoga Therapy is the only program consistently rated as ‘excellent’ by our clients on our written survey.

-Cindy F., Administrative Director, BRIDGES TO RECOVERY, where Goli has worked for over a decade

” I used to hate my body and even the sound of my breath. The techniques that Goli has taught me has changed my life. I live differently each day because of Goli’s unique approach to yoga, and am able to share her techniques with my family and friends. We have all found amazing calm and consciousness through Goli’s techniques alone. Her amazing instruction and compassion (for all beings) has brought a richness to my life that I have never before experienced.” -Molly

“LOVE. LOVE. LOVE Los Angeles-based Goli Gabbay ~ yoga therapist, healer extraordinaire! Goli has been a tremendous force in our city. She is patient, dedicated and full of love. She has helped so many people overcome anxiety & fear and aided them to see the beauty in life. She is amazing!”-Nazli

“I felt alive after our yoga practice. I don’t think this would have been possible without the help of Goli. She totally inspires me. I’ve never had anyone in my life encourage me like she does. She believes in me and is so positive and that has helped me believe in myself. I’m forever grateful for this.”-Allison

“You are an extraordinary individual. You will never know how much you truly helped me find myself again.” -Nancy

“You have a beautiful, kind spirit and you simply radiate with compassion and healing energy. With all your encouragement, I have learned to be kind to myself and to my body.” -Caroline

“I could not recommend a person more highly. Goli is as warm & gregarious as they come, and her deep love for yoga & its powerful healing effects is contagious. You’re sure to be in good hands here.”


Goli is the long-time personal Yoga instructor to Gerard Butler. She also works regularly with pop star Ashlee Simpson, Athletes, and high profile private lients in the Fashion and Business world.

“Goli is strong, wise, funny, therapeutic, nurturing, and powerful. Her instruction holds space with compassion and integrity and will help you find the heart in your body. I met Goli at a point in my life when I didn’t know which way things would go. Through Goli’s teaching I was able to REMEMBER + CLARIFY that yoga is what most deeply moves my heart. For this I am forever indebted. I cannot recommend Goli highly enough.”- Chris Calarco, Portland-based yoga instructor

“I believe that Goli uses Yoga as a “vehicle.” But what is really streaming through her during her offering is her radiant heart & divine healing which manifests in her classes / yoga / sharing her energy.”- Kevin, bodyworker

“Goli is a beautifully unique yoga instructor. Through her deep knowledge of and experience in various yoga practices complimented by her specialty in therapeutic guidance, Goli offers a yoga experience that has transformed my body, mind and life forever. Her love of nature and environmental work compliments her instruction generating rich and inspirational sessions.” - Virginia

“You have no idea how you have helped me with my recovery. The breathing and yoga you’ve taught me has helped me fight with my obsessive thoughts and eating disorder and helped me find a place of calm, peace and serenity that has been missing in my life.” -Shannon

“Goli, you have changed my life. I cannot thank you enough for the gifts you have given me and those which you have taught me to give myself. Through your work with my practice…I have experienced the Truest part of myself that I never knew existed.”

“Goli Gabbay is a truly life-changing yogi to those she works with. Unlike many fitness yogis out there, her talent is working to change those from the inside out. Specializing in anxiety disorders–she truly changed my life and I am now panic attack FREE!”-Emily

“When it comes to yoga, you are the *%it! It meant a lot to me that you were always positive and not critical (whereas my football and boxing coaches would eat me alive.) I am so privileged to have share time with such a kind-hearted and free spirit. I’m forever grateful for everything you’ve helped me accomplish.”-Nick

“I was the anxious one who could never sit still for more than a minute. Now I was holding a pose in deep, focused concentration. My mind clear, my body in tuned. What an incredible feeling! By the end of the practice, I was moved to tears saddened by how many years I have felt disconnected from my body. And now joyous with feeling and connection to it all! Thank you, Goli.”-Kelly

“Goli is an incredible teacher! I feel very lucky to know Goli, she has been an inspiration and I feel I’m a better person because of her.”- Mona