Goli Gabbay

Saturday, April 19th, 2014 goli gabbay | vinyasa yoga & yoga therapy | strengthen • calm • transform

Goli is featured as one of the “YOGIS SHIFTING THE PLANET.”

Gerald Butler spotted by Paparazzi concluding a beach side yoga session with Goli (click to expand image)

yogi times magazine teacher profile. june 2007 | photo: robert sturman

hardtail print ad campaign 2006

June 2012. Goli’s 1-hr Interview from the Wellness on Purpose Global Summit.Click to listen: “GOLI GABBAY – YOGA FOR EVERY BODY. SIMPLE PRACTICES FOR RELAXATION + BALANCE.” She talks about her approach in teaching yoga, teaches a breathing exercise, how yoga and breath creates space in the mind-body and leads to healing, and what led her to the path yoga and helping others.