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Thursday, July 30th, 2015 goli gabbay | yoga | mindfulness | optimal mind-body health

Imagine a world where we experience the peace within our inner body + connect to what is really important in our life from an early age.

Less is More. Live Simply.


More stuff
, more shopping, more driving, more buying, more accumulation, more natural resources used, more pollution, more things, more clothes, more shoes, more bags, more books, more magazines, more nick-nacks, more toiletries, more toys, more gadgets, more furniture, more paperwork, more credit cards, more bills, more clutter in your living space, more to clean up, more to organize, more to clean and sort, more clutter in your head since there is more to worry about, adding to more stress and less time to enjoy life and have fun.


Less stuff, fewer natural resources used, better for the environment, fewer clothes, fewer shoes, fewer bags, books, magazines, nick-nacks, toiletries, toys, gadgets, furniture pieces, less clutter, fewer credit cards, fewer bills, less to clean up, less to organize, less to clean and sort, less stress which means more freedom and more time to: enjoy your life, meditate, connect with what’s important, practice yoga, dance, read, relax, nap, self-reflect, plan, design, create, nurture, laugh, spend time with friends, family, children, pets, play in nature, or just be.

LIVE SIMPLY. You might love it!

Cinnamon – the Super Spice!

Mmmmm…..I love the smell of cinnamon. It’s just one of those spices that smells and tastes fantastic. But there is more to this spice than just the attractive scent and sweet taste. Chinese medicine and Ayurveda have long revered cinnamon as a superpower used to treat things such as colds, indigestion and cramps. Cinnamon is also believed to improve energy, vitality and circulation.

Here are Eleven Health Benefits associated with this delicious and beloved spice:

1- Using just 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon per day can lower your bad cholesterol (or LDL).
2-Cinnamon has anti-fungal properties, and it’s been said that candida cannot live in a cinnamon environment.
3- Cinnamon can reduce the proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells.
4- Cinnamon has an anti-clotting effect on the blood.
5- Honey and Cinnamon combined has been found to relieve arthritis pain.
6- When added to food, cinnamon inhibits bacterial growth and food spoilage, making it a natural food preservative.
7- Just smelling cinnamon boosts cognitive function and memory.
8- Cinnamon has been found to be an effective natural remedy for eliminating headaches and migraine relief.
9- Cinnamon can also help stabilize blood sugar (which is great for weight loss). A couple of dashes in your morning tea or cereal is all it takes!
10- It’s been proven effective for menstrual pain and 9. infertility. Cinnamon contains a natural chemical called cinnamaldehyde, which studies show increases the hormone progesterone and decreases testosterone production in women, helping to balance hormones.
11-Cinnamon may help treat Type 2 Diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels and increasing the amount of insulin production in the body.

Add a dash in your morning coffee or Chai tea. Sprinkle some in a fruit smoothie. Get creative. Make an exotic rice dish with curry and cinammon. Enjoy!

To your health, Goli.

Pause from the business of the day. Close your eyes. Breathe. Create space. Relax your body. Be still.
Be curious….listen.

In stillness, we can break away from the inundation of information entering our mind, and make space for our own unique creativity to spark.

In stillness, we create the space to access our inner calm.

In stillness, we can listen to our inner guidance system.

In stillness, we have those “aha” moments, moments of full presence and connection to all life.

In stillness, we can feel how deeply our souls are connected to nature.

In stillness, we can be attuned to what areas in our life require tenderness, healing or courage.

In stillness, we can hear that little voice that whispers what our next steps are for growth and expansion.

In stillness, we can listen to our Truths.

In stillness, we can feel what truly inspires us and brings us Joy.

In stillness, we can hear our soul reveal what our life purpose is.

In these moments of emptiness, we can feel how we wish to contribute to the world.

In stillness, we can be clear about what legacy we would like to leave behind.

with love, Goli


Last weekend, my husband and I traveled without our toddlers for the first time in almost 5 years. We chose a wellness resort in Arizona (that Oprah had famously discussed on her show.) An easy flight and quick drive later, we entered a magical desert escape called Miraval.

Without the babies around, I didn’t know what to expect. My hope was simply to have the time and space to just “be” again. I had no idea how many life lessons I would learn in just a few days away from home.


Upon entering the grounds, the beautiful desert terrain greeted me. The trees buzzed with hummingbirds, finches, woodpeckers, doves, butterflies and shimmering insects. The grounds were alive with an abundance of cottontail bunnies munching on the grass. A row of baby quails hurried to keep up with their mama.

I didn’t hear a sound of a car. Not one siren. Nor a single lawnmower or blower. No construction, airplane or helicopter.

After just one day, immersed in nature, I experienced TOTAL PEACE.

For the days that followed, I fell in love with the birds, bunnies, vegetation, sky, stars…and the stillness of the night. The sights and sounds of the desert filled my soul with happiness and contentment.


Traveling with only a small bag, I began to think about how much “material stuff” we accumulate in our lives: nick-knacks, clothes we only wear once, too many toys for the children. I experienced the joy of less and realized that we need to live more SIMPLY.

A life with LESS (accumulation, trash, pollution, stress, anxiety) becomes a life of MORE: (time, satisfaction, balance, peace of mind.) Less truly is MORE.

Travel offers the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. My life is based in Los Angeles…most of my close friends and family are here. Yet spending just a few days away, I had the great fortune of making dear friends from all over the country that truly captured my heart. April from Indianapolis is featured in the photo above.


In the West, we have become accustomed to “pushing” our bodies in order to feel that we have accomplished something. After a full day of Vinyasa yoga and physical activities, I realized that I needed to slow down. The tranquility of the desert reminded me to be kind to my body. On some days, a simple, gentle Restorative yoga class was exactly what I needed—and nothing else.


Participating in the resort’s “Challenge Courses” took me out of my comfort zone. Way out. Our first activity, Zip-lining, was scary but manageable. But the Quantum Leap (photo above) was simply crazy! You climb up a 50-ft wobbling pole, and wait for your partner to join you. Up top, you share a teeny-tiny platform while you hold on for dear life. Then you jump off!

Why would I want to take part in an adrenal-pumping activity when I could be getting an apricot scrub? Because it’s exhilarating. I overcame my utter terror of climbing up that pole and jumped into joy.


A few participants in the Zip Line Challenge Course were quick to criticize and label me. I felt deeply hurt and let down. But I had just met these people…why was their interaction so painful? I realized that the experience reminded me of the mean kids in elementary school who used to bully me and make fun of me for no reason at all.

After completing the course, we had a group share about our Zip line experience. As we went around the circle, I was faced with a choice. I could either silence my feelings as I did as a little girl as “not to make any waves”…or be honest. Confronting “the bullies” was a more daunting challenge for me than climbing up the 50-foot pole.

It was my turn.

Facing fear and my racing heart, I removed my sunglasses and looked into the eyes of those involved. It was not easy. No longer protected by my yellow helmet and harness, I felt completely open and raw in front of the group. I was overcome by emotion, as the old feelings of the shy little girl came to surface. But I continued – determined to stand up for her, protect her, and give her a voice. A hand reached out to grab mine – it was my friend April’s (photo above.) As I held her hand tightly, I expressed myself fully and honestly.

My Challenge that morning was not about ropes and gear, it was about responding differently than how I did throughout childhood. It was about re-claiming my power.

A little desert getaway gave me the enormous gifts of feeling truly aligned with nature, with others, and most importantly, with myself.

(below- a kind acknowledgment from a member of the Challenge Course group.)