Goli Gabbay

Saturday, October 25th, 2014 goli gabbay | vinyasa yoga & yoga therapy | strengthen • calm • transform


Goli is a mother, yoga teacher, public speaker, change maker, and earth and animal advocate. ORIGIN Magazine recently named her one the “Yogis Shifting the Planet” in their “Leaders who Inspire” issue. She has a private practice based in Los Angeles, CA.


Goli is a Pioneer and a leading expert in Yoga Therapy for Mental, Emotional, Psychological and Physical health. With 20 years of professional experience, she has developed a unique system of Yoga Therapy that has helped transform the lives of a myriad of individuals. Goli is widely known for her expertise relieving Anxiety disorders, Trauma, Chronic Pain, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Addictions, and Depression.


Trained in multiple disciplines of yoga, Goli’s dynamic teaching style integrates Vinyasa, Iyengar and Kundalini yoga. She is humorous, uplifting and soothing. Her classes balance strengthening and precise alignment with healing relaxation. Goli’s unique therapeutic approach to yoga enables students to achieve profound personal development and spiritual breakthroughs.

  • YOGA WORKS (2005): 500-hour with Annie Carpenter (Vinyasa Flow Yoga) + Lisa Walford (Iyengar Yoga)
  • EXHALE CENTER FOR SACRED MOVEMENT CERTIFICATION (2003): (Vinyasa Flow Yoga, 200-hour) with Saul David Raye, Max Strom + Shiva Rea
  • YOGA WEST KUNDALINI YOGA CERTIFICATION (1998): (KRI-200-hour) as taught by Yogi Bhajan with Guru Singh + Guru Meher.

Parallel to her yoga career, Goli has worked as an environmental educator and consultant since 1994. Her accomplishments include: designing and implementing innovative City-wide environmental programs such as the highly acclaimed “Sustainable Works Business Greening Program” for the City of Santa Monica; setting up Electronic Waste Recycling Programs for Cities throughout California; greening large corporations and manufacturing plants; and launching a global PSA campaign with the United Nations Environment Program. Goli is also responsible for spearheading the recycling program at the Coachella Valley Music Festival.

Goli knew that helping people and the environment was her life’s purpose since she was 8 years old. She champions waste reduction issues, marine protection, reducing plastic pollution, animal welfare, sustainable farming, and making informed purchasing decisions. Nature and yoga are essential elements to helping people feel peaceful, joyous and connected.

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