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GOLI GABBAY was named one of the “Yogis Shifting the Planet” in the “Leaders Who Inspire” Issue of ORIGIN Magazine. A Los Angeles based teacher with over 20 years of professional experience, she is a pioneer in her field having designed a unique and integrative system of Yoga for Optimal Mind, Body and Psychological Health. Goli is renowned for her expertise relieving Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Addiction and Trauma/PTSD. She has worked as the lead yoga therapist at Los Angeles’ most elite Psychological Recovery Centers (15 years) as well as UCLA’s Collaborative Center for Integrative Medicine. Goli has also gained the trust of celebrity clients, including Gerard Butler, and corporate clients such as NBC and Tiffany & Co.

Her dynamic teaching style incorporates her training in multiple disciplines of yoga including Vinyasa, Iyengar & Kundalini yoga and Meditation. While Goli’s students undoubtedly achieve physical and mental strength, she is masterful in helping people experience their natural state of deep relaxation. Goli’s unique and holistic system of relaxation techniques incorporates: guided imagery, progressive relaxation, mindfulness, breathing, and guided meditation. Goli’s articulate instruction makes Yoga and Meditation accessible to all. Her students achieve profound breakthroughs in physical health, personal development and mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness.

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  • Alignment-based Vinyasa Flow + Kundalini Yoga + Meditation
  • Well-rounded sequencing balancing Strength + Deep Relaxation
  • Breath training (Pranayama)
  • Guided visualization, meditation, mindfulness + progressive relaxation
  • Yoga Therapy + Coaching: to address specific mental, emotional + physical needs
  • Simple, hands-on practices for sustained health, peace + happiness

  • Increase muscle strength + flexibility
  • Calm stress + anxiety
  • Sleep better naturally
  • Increase vitality + joy
  • Reduce back pain or chronic pain
  • Calm the mind + experience inner peace
  • Achieve breakthroughs in self awareness + effectiveness

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